Sand, sea and shells

After a long winter we were happy the spring had finally arrived. We packed a magnifying glass, a camera, and a bag to collect interesting items and took a walk to the coastline.

Throwing stones into the ocean is always a hit with kids and adults and alike. The question is who can throw the furthest?

The magnifying glass came in handy when we found beautiful shells and other odd items.


Jumping the waves: How many waves can you jump, who can jump the highest? Who gets wet first?

SONY DSCWe enjoyed many other things that day: learning the names of the birds we saw, feeling various textures of sand, stones and seaweed, questioning why glass found on the beach is so smooth, and lots of paddling. If we are lucky we even catch a glimpse of a whale.


SONY DSCHandy items to take with you when visiting the coast:

Magnifying glass, camera, drinks, snacks, buckets, spades, bags for collecting items, suitable clothes (depending on weather).

During the summer the coast is a great place for building sandcastles, and paddling.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCCollecting water in their buckets. My youngest daughter is trying to avoid the seaweed which she hates.