A natural playground

My children are lucky enough to go to a school where outdoor learning is promoted. Each week the children enjoy time in the natural play area, located next to the school. The area is created with natural materials found in the area and students as well as teachers have helped to develop and build the area. In the area children enjoy climbing, games, swinging, balancing, campfires, wood carving, hanging up water catchers and bird houses, eating their daily fruit snack, drinking hot chocolate and much more.

I decided to take a trip there with my daughters for a closer look and what great fun we had. 20130709_141511Part of the area, meeting point in the centre, and tables with benches

20130709_133410The swing

20130709_133817Two balancing logs, the closest one is higher than it looks and is actually quite scary, not that my 6 year old had any problems getting across.

20130709_135045Playing horse shoes

20130709_135534A rain collector

20130709_135547The campfire

20130709_135609A log swing

20130709_135704A great way to get through the forest – on balancing ropes

20130709_13584920130709_140255Climbing wall

20130709_140845Balancing ropes and a wobbly log

“Mummy I go to the best school in the world”


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