Coastline activities

Here are a few activities that children can enjoy when they visit the coast. The coast is home to bird and marine life that the children can learn about. A visit to the coast can be incorporated into an ongoing coastline theme within your setting.


Activity 1 – The ocean often washes up litter on to the land. A trip to the coast is a good way to teach children about why litter should not be dropped on the floor. Ask the children to gather litter in to bags then place all the litter in a pile. Have a short discussion with the children about the litter, encouraging them to ask questions. Explain to the children what damage the litter can do to the animals that live in the ocean and on the coast. Discuss with the children what they think should be done with the litter. Eventually the litter can be taken to be recycled, involve the children in this. This activity could be part of an on-going project teaching children about recycling.

IMG_8111Activity 2 – Take the children on a walk along the coastline, on the sand and near the ocean. Try to spot any animals. Encourage the children to look in the air for birds, along the water´s edge and under any rocks. Take photos of the animals that the children find to work with when back at the preschool. The children could also draw the animals they see for a wall display.

shellsActivity 3 – Gather objects from the coast such as, sand, shells, and seaweed. Once back at the preschool the children can create coastline pictures with the objects they collected. A display shelf for some of the objects could also be set up in the preschool.

Activity 4 – These activities focus on giving the children the opportunity to explore with their senses. Allow the children to take off their shoes and wade in the ocean. Show them what happens when water is mixed with dry sand, and allow them to feel the difference in texture. Tell them to close their eyes and listen to the sounds they can hear. Allow them to pick up handfuls of sand and let it run through their fingers.